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Police Warn of South American Criminal Group Burglarizing Brentwood Homes

For more than a year, the Brentwood Police Department has dealt with home burglaries being committed by a criminal group from South America.“These suspects are believed to be part of a group that comes to this country specifically to commit crimes in areas where there are large homes,” said Assistant Police Chief Jim Colvin.

News 2 spoke to Colvin in July 2022 after authorities captured suspects in a break-in around Jupiter Forest Drive.

“They’re very coordinated, they rotate people in an out of the country, and they change locations so they’re not here long,” Colvin said.

However, these criminals aren’t just hitting Brentwood. In August 2022, News 2 spoke to law enforcement in Portland, where they said the group was also spotted committing crimes.

Then, on Friday, Dec. 1, Brentwood police announced the group is back and burglarizing homes in affluent neighborhoods with large homes.Cybersecurity officials urge data protection amid online holiday shopping

According to authorities, during the week of Thanksgiving, a new wave of burglaries took place. Most of the break-ins reportedly followed a similar pattern, taking place between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. while the homeowners were running errands after work or going out to dinner.

In addition to being on the lookout for potential burglars, residents are asked to take the following actions while police work to capture those committing crimes in the city:

  • Lock all doors and set home alarms
  • Make sure home surveillance cameras are operating properly
  • Keep lights on or use timers
  • Avoid posting your location on social media
  • Consider protective film on ground-level glass
  • Bolt safes to the ground and avoid putting them in common locations, like closets
  • Avoid storing large amounts of cash or jewelry in a single location

According to law enforcement, these criminal groups enter subdivisions from adjoining neighborhoods, common areas, and tree lines. In addition, they usually enter a house through a rear door or rear window.

All community members are encouraged to share this information with their family members and neighbors. To report suspicious activity, contact the Brentwood Police Department at 615-371-0160. For an emergency, call 911.

Source: WKRN.com