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Peruvian clothing label Paka launches fabric made from natural fleece

Peru-based sustainable outdoor clothing label Paka has introduced PAKACLOUD, an innovative polar fabric, marking a new stride in eco-friendly apparel. This unique material originates from natural alpaca fibres procured in Cuzco, Peru’s mountainous region. PAKACLOUD™ fleece, fashioned from traceable Alpaca fibres, significantly reduces microplastic shedding, presenting a superior alternative to more than 95 per cent of synthetic fleeces prevalent in today’s market. These synthetic alternatives are key contributors to microplastic pollution in the apparel industry.

Highlighting the brand’s commitment to transparency in production, each piece features a scannable QR code, detailing the specific farms responsible for sourcing the alpaca fibre.

Beyond its impressive softness, the natural fleece has advanced thermo-regulating properties, offering twice the warmth compared to traditional synthetic options. Moreover, the alpaca fibres, containing hollow air pockets, result in a fleece weighing half as much as standard fleece jackets. This reduced weight, coupled with its quarter-zip design, allows for versatile layering options, ensuring optimal warmth in diverse environments.

The fleece includes meticulous details such as flatlock stitching at the inseams, eliminating odours, chafing, and discomfort. Additionally, the jacket incorporates two flat side pockets for storage and reduced bulk. Each fleece is adorned with a handwoven Inca ID on the back collar, honouring the Quechua women from Cuzco, Peru, who contribute to the B Corp.

Source: Apparel Resources