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Uruguay’s Presidential Secretary resigning to run for office

Uruguay’s Presidential Secretary Álvado Delgado said Sunday that he would resign on Dec. 21 to focus on the 2024 presidential campaign. He announced a ruling National Party Convention when speaking about the impending primaries.

“In this, my house, our house, as a proud conventional of the National Party, I would like to tell you that on December 21 I will resign from the Presidential Secretariat to dedicate myself fully to the electoral campaign, to militate for the National Party and to push for the party to push for a new coalition government,” Delgado said.

“I am leaving with a clear conscience of having been a part of a government that was up to the circumstances,” he added.

One of the most prominent officials during the current administration of President Luis Lacalle Pou, Delgado came under the limelight during the Covid-19 pandemic for his recurrent press briefings and updates. He is also known for his critical stance aagainst the opposition Frente Amplio.

“Now come other moments and I made a decision, and several colleagues also made a decision and gave me their confidence,” Delgado also stressed.

Delgado’s position within Torre Ejecutiva will be taken over by Rodrigo Ferrés, it was reported in Montevideo.

Source: Merco Press