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Mayor Set for Trip to Mexico and South America to Get Look at Migration Flow

Mayor Eric Adams is heading to Mexico and South America this week to get a first-hand look at the route migrants are taking to reach the U.S. southern border.

“I have always been the person that I need to go on the ground,” Adams said on Tuesday morning in his first ever off-topic media availability.

Starting on Wednesday, Adams will travel to Mexico, then onto Ecuador and finally Colombia.

The stop in Colombia will arguably be the most watched, with the mayor slated to visit the Darién Gap. The 60 miles of dense rainforest is one of the most treacherous parts of the migration route that many people take.

The stop has raised many security and safety concerns.

“There is a real safety risk, and we are aware of that,” Adams said about the dangers. “I trust the NYPD and we are collaborating with officials on the ground.”

Adams didn’t disclose any further information regarding his security detail or how much the trip will cost. He insisted he is paying out of his own pocket — and that keeping him safe has no price tag.

“The course of this trip, I’m paying my own way. You know my rule: my dime, my time, don’t whine,” Adams said. “I’m sure you want me to be safe, so the last thing we should be talking about is how much it costs to keep your mayor safe.”

It’s unclear who will be joining the mayor on the trip. So far, the only confirmed official is Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro. Castro was not at the press event with other top administration officials on Tuesday.

Adams says one of his top priorities on the trip will be letting migrants know the city can’t handle helping anyone else.

“Coming to New York doesn’t mean you’re going to stay in a five-star hotel. It doesn’t mean the mere fact you come here, you’re automatically going to be allowed to work,” Adams said.

On Tuesday, Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul announced $38 million in new funding for legal help for migrants.

The aid was announced the same day that eligible Venezuelans can begin applying for Temporary Protected Status and work authorization.

Venezuelans make up an estimated 40% of migrants in the city’s care.

Meanwhile, city officials said Tuesday that hundreds of migrants are awaiting a place to stay.

“I cannot believe we are here again today, 17 months into this when we’re talking about 600 people a day, 800 people a day. Roosevelt right now I think has 412 people waiting for a placement,” said Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom.

Officials say more than 118,000 migrants have come to the city since last spring.

Source: Spectrum News