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New COVID Vaccine OK’d for People 5-and-older

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — The CDC voted to recommend a brand new version of the COVID-19 vaccine after the FDA also approved it. Everyone 5-and-older is eligible for the new COVID vaccine. Kids under 5 can also get it but they may need more than one dose. Dr. Mandy Cohen said, “We’re in our strongest position yet to fight COVID-19.” “The federal government is putting vast amount of money into research and these MRNA vaccinations are really, really working,” said John Giramendi, a Democrat from California.

Last week, though, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky criticized the recommendation of multiple doses for kids. “Norway, South America and the UK all chose to recommend only one dose of Pfizer due to the risk of cardio vascular side effects for boostering kids,” Paul said. But Dr. Anthony Fauci said it’s important to consider all the facts. “The risk of myocarditis from COVID itself is greater than the risk of the vaccine.” Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said research and COVID vaccine development need to go further.

“I’m wondering,” the Democrat said, “whether there are alternative vaccines that can be developed that could be more durable.” Kaine also wants to the federal government to do more research on long COVID “and also to spread best practices to providers and employers and patients.” Last year, Kaine helped secure $10 million in funding for long COVID research and he’s hoping for an additional $10 million in the new budget.

Source: NEWS3