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What Is This New Football League Taking Over Spain And South America?

This new project of Gerard Piqué after retirement is a football 7-a-side league played in Barcelona every Sunday. A 12-team tournament of Spanish-speaking streamers and football legends. The league started with a Draft where the twelve presidents selected a player through 10 rounds. Each team had an 11th player ( not a draft player that would play the 11 matches) and a 12th player ( a player decided by each charmain that could play any match).

20 minutes each half at the start of the game each team would take a card from a stack that would be used during the match. The cards had different meanings like 2 minutes of sanction, a penalty for the team, a shootout penalty(like ice hockey), 2 minutes where every goal you score counts double, a thief card (you can steal your rivals’ card) and a joker where you are able to do any of the named things.

Right now the league is in its second split but during the first 8 teams qualified to playoffs, and the winners were able to play at the Camp Nou. On March 26th 2023 four teams, (El Barrio by Adri Contreras, Troncos by Perxita, Aniquiladores by Juan Guarnizo and Saiyans by GrefG) played through the semifinals and then the final in front of 92.000 people in the Camp Nou and over 780.000 spectators of average. 

Currently, the Kings League is playing its second split where Aniquiladores is tied in first place with xBuyer Team(Buyer brothers). The second season it’s being a blast with almost 200 thousand viewers between Twitch, Youtube, TikTok and Cutro(a Spanish Tv channel that only streams the 8 o’clock game). The second split finals are going to be held at Cívitas Metropolitano, Atletico’s Madrid stadium with almost 70.000 spectators. And not also Kings League but also Queens League, the same 7-a-side league(played on Saturdays) but with girls also has an amazing average of viewers and the final four will also be played in Madrid. 

Each team, chairman and notable players that plays/played for that team:

Rayo de Barcelona; Spursito; Victor Mongil and Didac Vila

Jijantes FC; Gerard Romero; Pirlo(1 game), Ibai Gomez and Jonathan Soriano

1K; Iker Casillas; Alberto Bueno and David Barral

Aniquiladores FC: Juan Guarnizo; Walter Erviti

El Barrio: Adri Contreras; Nico Pareja and Martin Mantovani

Kunisports; Kun Agüero; Saviola, Agüero and Higuaín(future)

Troncos; Perxitaa; Joan Verdú, Djibril Cissé(1 game) and Carles Planas

Pio FC; Rivers; Alberto Lopo and Gerard Artigas

Porcinos FC; Ibai Llanos; Ronaldinho(1 game), Chicharito(1 game), Tamudo, Alberto Bueno and Hugo Fraile

Saiyans FC; GrefG; David López, Capdevila and Fernandao

Ultimate Móstoles; DjMariio; Sergio García, Rubén de la Red and Andriy Shevchenko(1 game)

xBuyer Team: Buyer brothers; Carlos Castro and Fabián Orellana

Kings League has just started, Gerard Piqué has announced that he plans to bring the league all around Europe and America and do a final of each region winner as early as autumn of 2024. Neymar jr announced during the March finals that he will have a team in Kings League Brazil and when Ronaldinho came to Barcelona to play for Porcinos he also announced that he will have another team in Brazil’s Kings League.

You can watch the Queens and Kings League each Saturday and Sunday at 4 PM CET on Kings League Twitch.

Source: World in Sport