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Maersk Market Update Latin America April 2023

As part of our commitment to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information on the logistics industry, we share our Market Update on the Latin American market.

You will find information and interesting data on the update of the state of the ports, the most important transport routes and relevant news.

We hope you’ll find the following information helpful, as well as inspiring to boost your business and keep your cargo moving.

Topic of the month

Green Logistics

In this Topic of the Month, we will cover how Logistics and Sustainability work together to keep moving the world and being conscious and taking care of it as the Earth Day global celebration was during this month on April 22nd. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), the global CO2 emissions from transport in 2021 were 7.65 million metric tons. And shipping is responsible for 11% of this volume; the biggest portion is the road with more than 70%, and this is mostly daily transportation of cars, but here we explain what Maersk is doing to sum up forces towards greener logistics.

Earth Day is a celebration where we dedicate globally to raising awareness and promoting actions towards sustainability and environmental protection. This day is one of the largest environmental movements commemorated in the world. For Maersk, this is not a one-day activity or celebration, and it has become a priority by always seeking greener ways to move cargo.

Importance of Reducing Carbon Footprint in Logistics

Improving efficiency and reducing pollution is part of the solution, and supply chain is only one stakeholder in having a greener world. We all have to work together to fight climate change truly.

Here are some steps to reduce emissions in the supply chain:

  • Gather data

It is important to know where you are standing, get to know your starting point and investigate what this data represent. Analyzing data can also help you make decisions with an informed criteria.

  • Supply chain partners

Sharing the same targets is crucial and important so you can work together towards accomplishing those objectives. Here is the story of how Purina and Maersk partnered to accomplish great targets together towards sustainability. Nestlé Purina and Maersk united for a more sustainable world.

  • Include compliance

It is important to take action as a long-term project, and objectives are every time improving or seeking growth not only at a business level but also taking into account that there are national, international regulations and even customers that motivate business to find ways towards sustainability.

  • Track your logistics

Traceability is more important and requested these days; many platforms can help you build compliance and track your logistics by facilitating support data. For Maersk, agility and visibility are crucial for the supply chain, and we have set up the Emissions Dashboard, a single-point solution for your carbon emissions data.

The Role of Alternative Fuels in Reducing Co2

Sustainable fuels will play are a critical role in the next years. There are many efforts to reduce or eliminate transport’s consequences on the world, and logistics play a big role in it. There are now alternative fuels with their own advantages.

Maersk has ambitious targets to contribute to sustainability in logistics. By 2030 plan to be industry-leading green customer offerings across the supply chain and, by 2040, net zero across our business and 100% green solutions to customers.

Maersk has developed several tools to impulse and help customers have the documentation and support of the supply chain, Ecodelivery, which is a solution that replaces fossil fuels with green fuels, gives our customers options to transport cargo in a more sustainable way.

Every day, Maersk takes the opportunity to expose our commitment to sustainability and is always encouraging employees, customers, partners, vendors, and all the stakeholders to take action on protecting our planet. As we exposed in this topic of the month, Maersk is involved in several initiatives, including investment in green technology and partnering with stakeholders to reduce greenhouse emissions and make a better world.

Vessel at port with night light

Main port status


Key ports across our global network have significantly improved waiting time as a consequence of weather improvement and less cargo congestion.

  • In Northern Europe, the situation at ports has been stable without disruptions and/or impact on the lineup.
  • In Asia, In Asia, ports are running smoothly considering weather issues, Ningbo and Busan are impacted due to dense fog, having a waiting time of 1 day. Tauranga has improved significantly due to the reinstatement of Proforma Berth windows.
  • In Latin America, we should expect closures due to severe weather in Chile and Mexico until May, but without considerable impact on the lineups.
  • In North America, waiting times on both East and West coasts have been stable. However, the Oakland lineup has been impacted due to labor issues, and the waiting time has reached three days. The situation is expected to continue for the next two months. The situation in Freeport is better with no waiting time, and productivity and yard utilization have improved the complex port performance. For the Canadian ports, Vancouver waiting time has changed for the better, now with only three days due to more favorable weather conditions.

Port Status

Less than 1 Day1-3 Days4 – 7 daysMore than 7 days
Latin AmericaSSA/ Manzanillo MX, Lazaro Cardenas, Altamira,  Veracruz  Moin, Balboa, Manzanillo, PA, PSA, Cristobal, Cartagena, Buenaventura, Santa Marta, Turbo, Callao, Guayaquil, Valparaiso, San Antonio (Chile), San Vicente, Santos, Paranagua, Itajai, Itapoa, Paranagua, Montevideo, Buenos Aires
Rest of WorldNorfolk & Savannah (USA Flag), Charleston, Wilmington, North Charleston, Jacksonville, Port Everglades, Tampa, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Newark, Miami, Freeport,  Seattle, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, London, Hamburg, Shangai, Chiwan, Qingdao, Singapore,  TaurangaMontreal, Halifax, Baltimore,  New Orleans, , Norfolk  & Savannah (no USA flag vessels), Mobile, Houston,  Oakland, Prince Rupert,  Vancouver, Busan, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Ningbo

(*) – cargo connections can be impacted considering the delays reported

Maersk truck driving on the road

Landside Updates

Central America, Andina and the Caribbean Sea Area: Crossborder in CAR, mainly Colombia and Costa Rica, has grown exponentially, closing spot businesses in Costa Rica and executing tenders in Colombia such as Almacafé, which had an operating cap in Q1. This proves that the service offered is increasingly competitive for our clients, and we remain committed to continuously improving our offers.
For Inland Colombia, we expect to increase our volumes for main cities like Medellin, Bogotá, and Cali.

West Coast South America Area:

Caraguatatuba donation campaign

In February and March, a campaign was done to collect goods, which would be destinated for the victims of a flood that occurred in February in Caraguatatuba/SP. Maersk Trucking São Bernardo did the transportation of the donation do Campo on the 07th and 08th of March.

1st operation using Bitrem vehicle, on the 22nd of March, we operated our 1st transport using a Maersk Trucking Bitrem vehicle in an operation to attend a home appliance customer in Joinville/SC, destination to the port of Itapoa/SC. Bitrem vehicles were recently acquired by Maersk Trucking in order to integrate our own fleet to attend to customers, generating a reduction in costs and resource optimization in the logistic chain.

Plane engine between the cargo on an airstrip

Air updates

Central America, Andina and the Caribbean Sea Area: Now, the Caribbean area is taking ownership of all Central American countries, it is also included Colombia, Venezuela, and all the Caribbean locations.
In general, demand is weak, and capacity is being improved as the passenger travel increase supports belly transportation. Most Latin American airlines add new passenger destinations and connections from Colombia, Panama & Salvador mainly to connect north and southbound lanes such as LAX, EZE, and SCL; also, adding wide-body aircraft types or routing upgrades in terms of equipment and tonnage moving.

In Colombia, Mothers’ Day flower season will start by the second week of April and is expected to end by the third week of May. Rates are confirmed to be increased, and capacity is to be reduced for all exports, impacting mainly dry cargo and other perishables as fruits and aromatic herbs as priority is given to flowers.

East Coast South America: The resume of passenger planes with cargo option (PAX) provided more capacity, and the low perishable season countrywide has lowered the demand.

Source : Maersk